Trucks Thinking About Doing Some Upgrades To My T-maxx It Is A Pro 15

Have the idol pretty good having issues when braking and kills carburetor arm that connects to the slide I think the slide is upside is backwards


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If it is killing the engine when you brake, then you need to turn in your idle adjustment screw and open up your carb gap slightly more.
I adjusted the carb gap at little bit better and adjusted the idle screw it does not died when applying the.

brakes now but when start giving the full throttle a starts to Bob down and the hit full throttle lot open it is

kills it and to add throttle is applied and let and letting off of the throttle it still revs up
It bogs down when you accelerate to Full Throttle and approaching Full Throttle it is stalling out and and it never issue is when you give it throttle and back off the throttle it's still going


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Sounds like it is either too rich or too lean. What is the head temp after running it?
Remove nitro motor and check it over a couple of pipe for the muffler was loose fuel filter was dirty and clutch shoes look good what a lot of clutch dust reset carb to break in specs
I thinking about doing the Traxxas Power Up program thinking about upgrading to the 2.5 engine going to cost $160 overall not including driveshafts and turnbuckles not sure right now what II can to send
Having issues getting my T-Maxx 1.5 to idle and stay running I've cleaned out the

motor make sure it was in good shape it's got compression reset high-speed

needle back to breaking settings try today's little too cold
Go ahead and go on to do the Power Up program from the Traxxas I take my Pro 15 swap it in for a new Pro 15 all I pay is 70 plus $5 for shipping
IMG_20180409_213952.jpg IMG_20180409_213952.jpg I get my Pro 15 engine brand new from the Traxxas to day

What would cause a T-Maxx Both rear tires are towed out the right side is the worst

Going to watch your video on setting up this T-Maxx suspension again maybe it'll help


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Thursday is try to finish the breaking process of the engine and lost C clip that holds the clutch Bell in place and

Still having trouble adjusting the turnbuckles on the rear


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Watch the video below and screw in the pivot balls on the outside of the arms. Doing that will add some toe-in to the rear. These balls should always be screwed all the way in and never adjusted out.

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