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ESC Solder Wont Stick


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Goblin 380 Supporter
I've been using the same soldering gun and solder from Walmart. I had no problem in the past soldering wires, not the greatest, to the pads of a esc, motor and so on. This time I have a 4in1 esc that for some reason I can't get the solder to stick on this esc. I was wondering if there some sort of coating on the pads. Can I clean the pads with something like rubbing alcohol. I can't finish up my 4" twig if nothing wants to stick. Any ideas will be appreciated.


Staff member
You can use alcohol to clean the pads, and try using some flux on the pads before trying to apply the solder. I always suggest flux for the cheaper soldering irons because it helps get the heat into the pads for them to tin correctly. It will smoke, a lot, but worth it.

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