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Section for Fuel Powered Engines?


I am El Taco!
Maybe I'm just missing it ... seems you're missing out on a entire portion of the RC world by not including it. I mean, I see you can add a question to a section which you're using the engine in (ie: nitro powered engine question located in the "Cars/Trucks/Boats", etc), but nothing specific for an Internal Combustion Engine (nitro/gas/kerosene/etc). Again ... if I missed it somewhere, my apologies.


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Hi Paulster2, no I agree there is not a section for Engines IC or Electric. I'm sure that there have been questions about them in the past that have just been handled through the other sections, but maybe it's time.


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I certainly have no answer as to why there isn't a section... I know for a fact the owner of the forum even has a heli with an IC engine even. Perhaps the Electric Master Race forced it on him :) ... or he just didn't think about it when setting up the various areas. I can guarantee the next time I chat with him, I'll troll him hard about it... lol.

For what it's worth... I've seen many questions asked about them, typically within the forum area they pertained too... such as a heli, airplane etc. In any case, if you have a question that is somewhat RC related and don't find a place to ask or put it in... find the closest forum area you can and ask away. If it's thought to be better asked in another area, someone can always report the thread and get it moved if that is needed...

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