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ESC Mystery ESC SimonK


New Member
Maybe someone can help me figure this out.
I ordered ESC's with SImonK firmware so I could change parameters from ali 10.6US $ |4 Stuks Rc Bec 30A Esc Brushless Motor Speed Controller T Rex 450 V2 Helicopter Boot Vliegtuigen Onderdelen & accessoires Hot T Plug|bec 30a|rc bect-rex 450 - AliExpress
However I cannot connect to it via BLHElisuite or kkMultiCopterFlashtool (0.77 or 0.91) Tried using usb-linker and Arduino flashed with usblinker program.
I think it may not have the required bootloader installed. When I open the shrinkwrap I see one chip that has pins on 2 sides. This does not look like the regular atmega8 you would expect.
Interestingly enough there are 4 pads above the chip and 1 below. It suggests that those could be used to flash it. However I have not clue which is which. (miso,mosi,reset,...)
Is there anyone that knows these ESC's and how to flash them ? The other side only has FETs on it.
I'm also considering the possibility that the Chinese seller says it has SimonK on it but in fact is a gerneric ESC. They seem to have laseretched the description from the chip. Otherwise I would be able to look up the pinout. I want to have reverse on it. Currently with my FS-GT5 at neutral it's doing half throttle and full reverse it is off. That is something that you could change with SimonK firmware.


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