Long Time Waiting


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Hello. It's been a long time since I flown any of my helis :(. I fly my Gaui X3 most of the time. I crashed her good awhile back. I'm waiting for Santa to bring me a Gaui X3L for Xmas. I decided to take my 500 out this morning. Man was I ridiculously nervous. I forgot the feeling you get for the first flight. You can tell by my rocking head lol. No fancy flying. I had to get use to going from flying quads to flying helis. My opinion...big difference. So I wasn't smooth and no flips or inverted flying, just being cautious. I didn't want to crash her like my X3 :(.


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I know the feeling, and I will know the feeling again. It's been forever since I have flown anything. Great flying!


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Good cautious flight, a few more of those and you will loose the nerves.

P.S. You weren't tempted to try the gates? LOL


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The thought did cross my mind...a couple of times about the gates Admiral. I didn't grow any hair around my jewels at the time to do it Lol.
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