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ESC 300AMP ESC 8000W Motor.... What batteries ?


New Member
Im building a powered rowboat around a propulsion system of: 56115 BLDC motor 200KV at 8000W. ESC is a Flier 300A (3-12s)
I've seen the matching motor/ battery/ ESC video but not sure I grasped the subtleties.
First time at this so was thinking a battery bank of something like this:

a pair of 22.2V 100C 5200mAh 6S Lipo Battery with EC5 and XT90

Comments ?
I don't need to go fast or far.


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This is really way outside the scope of an RC related forum... I'd first recommend to go by what actual battery is recommended for the type of application the motor is made for.. ie jet boat, go cart, surf board etc ...

I can only mention that the motor is spec'd at a max of 127a pull... So I'd recommend batteries that are able to provide up to around 150a so you have a little extra overhead. Capacity wise... will depend on how long you want it to run.


Staff member
You didn't mention if the batteries you are wanting to run are in series, or parallel, but either way, at 520a capacity for discharge, that should get you in the ballpark of what you are looking for. Randy stated 127a draw on the motor, so you are way over that. Batteries will likely not even get warm.

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