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Here is the product review on the little OCDAY 180w, 16A charger that was sent to me Bsyexcellent over at Amazon. Click on the link in the description of the video to purchase this charger.
One of the most requested videos I have been asked for is "how do I parallel charge batteries". Well, the time has finally come and the video is here! Ever since we posted the video showing us charging 9 3s batteries at 30 amps, people have asked how we could do that at such a high amp rating. And the secret is, they were all in parallel with each other. When you wire batteries in parallel, you are doubling the capacity, but the voltage is staying the same. You are also doubling the...
In this video, we revisit all of those letters on the front of a lipo pack. From the S Rating, to the C Rating, to MAH and even the P Rating that I have had so many questions about. As always, if you want to see a specific video, all you have to do is post up and let us know. We will do all that we can to help you out. [MEDIA=youtube]-vK8o9Y84gM[/MEDIA]
For all of you that have problems setting the throttle end points on your ESCs, here is a video
Credit for the content of this video goes to Gaba. I meant to mention this in the beginning of the video, but I was so tired at the time that I completely forgot. And after the video was done, I just decided to leave it as is rather than put a finished product in the beginning of the video. Again, Gaba is the one that got me to purchase these parts and build this kit. In this video, I show you how to modify and wire TWO HP server power supplies in series to gain 24 volts and over 1000w of...
OK so here is why I didn’t do this earlier < INSERT EXCUSE HERE> :p heehee So.. Here is the mod for making DPS-600PB into a very reliable , compact and powerful power supply, for a fraction of the price of what you find in the market for the same (/similar) specs and reliability. Each power supply is rated at 12V 47A ~~575W . I was looking for getting 24V out, so I could hook a good size charger to it and charge a lot of my small, or few Big batteries all together. So I connected...
Hey everyone. I had a member on here asking some question about how to solder deans plugs, and I thought I would make a video on how to solder. Then I remembered that I had done a video previously on this subject, and couldn't find it on youtube. Well, because of my internet at the time, I had to upload it in a HORRIBLE format, so it was a good thing that it was gone. But, I found the old files and I re-edited them and uploaded them in 720P for your viewing pleasure. Now remember, this...
Because of some inaccuracies in the last video (thanks Paul!), I have remade the video. If you get a YEP ESC, get the programming card! It's very cheap and is infinitely easier to program vs the Tx stick method. In this video, I walk you through the steps it takes to get your heli in the air with the YEP programming card on a 45a ESC.
As most of you know, things come in waves. From motor KV, to voltage, and now, MAH that a battery can sustain. Because of this, I have decided to create a quick article to try and explain what MAH means when you see it on a battery. Lets talk about one of the most popular batteries out there, the 3s 2200mah battery that is used in most 450 sized heli's. Now, just to be clear, voltage has NOTHING to do with the mah. Well it does, but it doesn't. I will explain below. When you are...
Hello everyone, I made this video a while back, but had to redo it cause of some information that was on it. In this video, you will learn just about all you need to know about a battery. From the C rating, to the S rating to the MAH rating, and how it equates to amp draw that you can take out of it. If you have any questions, please ask. This is an old video. There is a newer video posted below this one. Here is a newer video explaining Lipo Batteries.