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Align 600 Nitro

600/700 Feathering Shaft Wrench - [URL]http://amzn.to/2CTtvfc[/URL] 450/500 Feathering Shaft Wrench - [URL]http://amzn.to/2CU5GUt[/URL] It is time to get Murphy back up in the air. But before I would feel safe flying this helicopter, we need to go completely through him and clean and lube every part of this helicopter. If it needs cleaned, we are going to clean it, if it needs to be adjusted, we are going to adjust it! This series is all in thanks to Syndicate who suggested we do a complete Maintenance Series,...
February 1st, 2013 was the last time the RCH Heli, AKA Murphy, the Align 600 Nitro, was put into a public video. Well today, that changes! In this video, I catch you up on what has went on with the bird, why it has set so long and what we are planning to do with it in the future. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see done to this helicopter, post them in the comments! I would love to hear your suggestions!
I'm sure by now you all have read my first impressions on the RCH Heli. And to say that I was less than impressed with what we ended up with is an understatement. If you are an RCH Supporter, you know what I have went through on this heli. For those that have not read my First Impressions thread, CLICK HERE. This article is all about what I think of this helicopter now, and what I have done to get it to where it is now. After getting it, and getting all of the parts to get it in the...
Finally, we get the heli back to looking like a heli!
Finally, we are getting somewhere with the RCH Heli. In this video, I figure out that we are running version 1.1 on the 3GX and then I show you how to flash it to version 1.2. Yes, we are also going to run version 2.1 and version 3.0, but all in due time. As stated in teh video though, I'm sure 3.1 will be out by then lol. I will warn you, this video is over 20 minutes long and is pretty boring. But there is some good info in here. Have a watch and enjoy!
It's about time we get some servos installed on this bird. Boring video, but all in building a used heli!
This is not exactly an instructional video, but more of a video showing the progress of the RCH Heli as promised to the donors of this helicopter.
In this video I go through rebuilding the head of the used Align Trex 600 Nitro Super Pro. Just because this is a larger heli, doens't mean that anything has changed. There are still thrust bearings in it as well as regular bearings and being a flybarless heli, there is a swash driver on this head. I also lay out all of the parts of the head so that you can see them in order rather than just seeing a drawing in a manual. Watch and enjoy!
In this video, I go through rebuilding the tail on the Align T-Rex 600 Nitro Super Pro. This is oen of the most overlooked areas in a used helicopter since there are not that many parts involved. However, the few parts that are on the tail will be the deciding factor in a stable and easy to fly helicopter, or one that has no tail hold at all. Watch and enjoy!
In this video, I show you everything about tearing this helicopter down. It's pretty easy, but I promised all of the donors that I would post everything I did to it. so here it is :)
Here it is, video #2 where I show you what I have right now for the helicopter. I know I was going to upload only one video a week, but this one was a lot like the last one so I decided to go ahead and upload it. In this video you will see the helicopter, the engine, the muffler that we are TAKING OFF!!! as well as all of the servos, the damaged blades and some of the other electronics that will be going into this helicopter. Most importantly, I tell you who had donated at the time of me...
Here is the first video in a series of the all new Rc-Help.com Helicopter. Okay, so "all new" is not the right words lol. I can't wait to get this bird in the air. In this series, we will be doing everything from rebuilding the head, the tail, getting the servos installed, setting up the DX8, setting up the 3GX and putting this beast in the air. I hope you all will join me. Make sure to post up and let us know what you think about this bird. Let us know what you would like to see done to...
Hello everyone. I would like to welcome you to the next series that Rc-Help.com is putting together right now. If you have read the forum, and you should have already, you know that Marius started up a thread to accept donations to get Rc-Help.com it's very own helicopter. And with that, it all began! In all honesty I never expected anything to come of this but WOW was I wrong! We are well over $500 in donations as of this article and there are already more promises of donations to help...