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Align 3GX Gyro

Here are the 4 most popular firmware versions for the Align 3GX Gyro. Right click, and select "Save Target As". Align 3GX V1.2 Align 3GX V2.1 Align 3GX V3.1 Align 3GX V4.0 Align 3GX V5.0
In this video, i will show you how to mount your 3GX gyro as well as how to wire it up with or without a Rx attached to it. For you 6ch guys and gals out there, you MUST use the included wires with a 6ch Rx in order to make the rudder gain adjustment work. For you 7+ channel peeps, channel 7 is your rudder gain, and channel 5 is your Gov gain.
In this video, I walk you through the DIR setup mode on the gyro. In this mode, you will set all of your blade pitches including cyclic and collective. Please note, you MUST use 8º of cyclic in this step! If you require more than 8º when flying, you will make those adjustments in the Flight Mode Settings in a later video. Even if you are NOT going to run a Gov, you MUST set the Gov endpoints in the gyro. This tells the gyro where your low and high stick is located. This is a REQUIRED...
In this video, I walk you through the rudder setup menu. If you want a stable and solid tail, then pay close attention to these steps! I also talk about the Delay setting and how to use the software to get a perfect 0 delay setting! I also show you how to set the Anti-Torque Compensation in the gyro which is a MUST. Depending on what position you mount your gyro in, you will set the compensation accordingly.
In this video, I show you how to go into the gyro and adjust the flight mode settings. There are 5 different settings in this, but some combine cyclic and collective, and others combine aileron and elevator. Watch the video below to learn how to adjust each one. If you are out at this field, and lets say your flip rate is too low, you can use this method to raise the flip rate so that it flips faster. However, you can only go 10% at a time. Once you find the area where you like it best,...
As with the last video, this video is all about Flight Mode Settings. In this video however, you are able to fine tune your settings that you put in the gyro. Have a watch and let us know if there is anything we can help you with!
It's finally here, the first video in the 3GX Setup Series. In this video, I walk you through every step in the gyro setup process that you can do on the gyro its self without plugging it into the computer. This will get the gyro where you could put it in the air. But more videos are going to come and will go into more detail on the computer setup. And yes, they are better than the 450 setup videos for this gyro. I kind of skimmed over this part, sorry about that.
After many requests, I have decided to flash the RCH Heli's 3GX gyro to version 3.0 on the firmware. In the next videos, we will be going through the full setup of the gyro.