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Align 150 DFC From NexRc.com

This video was created by the request of a member. Once you know how to do this, and once you have your swash leveling tool, it will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete this setup. But just like pre flight inspections, this is a MUST DO after you crash or have to rebuild your servos. [MEDIA=youtube]jC0QYpV0eiE[/MEDIA]
It's inevitable, if you fly, you are going to crash. But unlike me, you are probably NOT going to hit the side of a house lol. In this video, I walk you through how to rebuild the DS150 / DS155 Align servos with the MicroHeli Metal Gears from NexRc. These are a PERFECT fit for these servos. Unlike the stock gears from Align which don't quite fit correctly. Go over and see Kevin. He will hook you up with some metal gears to help beef up your servos on your Align 150 DFC!
I"m sure you all have seen the DFC Linkage & Swash video where I slammed this helicopter into the side of the house. VERY HARD! This is the video where I rebuild it, and put it back into the air. Below the video are all of the links to where you can purchase all of these parts as well as the helicopter it's self. Save yourself some money, and use the coupon code RCHELP5 at checkout. [MEDIA=youtube]O-Zj0dmNIbg[/MEDIA] Below are all of the links to all of the parts that I have used on this...
Ah yeah, finally time to put some more bling on the helicopter. In this video, I put on the MicroHeli DFC Swash & Links. If you purchase this helicopter kit from NexRc ([URL="http://www.nexrc.com/helis/heli-kits/align/align-t-rex-150-dfc-combo-btf-3d-helicopter-w-brushless-motors-esc-gyro-servos-battery-and-blades.html"]ALIGN[/URL]), make sure to check the radio boxes to the right, and you will get these two parts FOR FREE! And don't forget to use the Rc-Help Coupon code for a little discount....
At last, the 150 is getting it's MUCH NEEDED frame upgrade. And the flight performance after the upgrade? You will just have to watch the video to find out! [MEDIA=youtube]nKq_P9ThOoM[/MEDIA]
I still think the Align 150DFC is an awesome helicopter. It's as small as an MCPX, but has as much power as a 130X. And that combo is just SICK when it comes to play time!!! In this video, I put the Black Align Main Blades as well as the Orange Align main blades against the Weighted and 3D blades from MicroHeli. I also test out the 42mm and 47mm tail blades from MicroHeli and put them against the Align tail blade. Have a watch and post your thoughts! [MEDIA=youtube]S4GwOPWBYtE[/MEDIA]
I have to give a HUGE thanks to Kevin at NexRc.com for sending us this helicopter. The Align 150DFC has been known for it's issues. From tail wag, to bad boards to bad parts in general, the kickoff of this helicopter was not the greatest in the world. But these days of Chinese clones, what is? The Align 150DFC is a brushless helicopter with WAY more power than it needs. And with that much power, it makes it just that much more fun to fly!!! With the Align mRS gyro under the canopy, she...