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Articles from Tony

  1. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 5 How The Transmission Works

    When the T-Maxx launched around the turn of the century, the two speed with reverse transmission on a nitro powered truck was something that people had never seen. But because it had a smaller engine than it really needed, having those two speeds was quite nice. And being able to flip into reverse to back up from an obstacle was something previously only achievable by electric cars with a reversing ESC.

    This transmission changed the game for large monster trucks and in this video, I show...
  2. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 4 Transmission Assembly Full

    In the last video, we tore down this transmission and cleaned up the case. In this video, we are going to be putting this transmission back together. I'm not just talking about taking the gear sets and putting them back in, I'm talking about taking a completely torn apart transmission, gear sets and all and putting EVERYTHING back together. Once we are done with that, we will put them in the case and close it up.

    Don't freak out that I didn't use grease in this transmission. I didn't have...
  3. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 3 Transmission Teardown & Cleaning

    In the last T-Maxx series, this is one part that I skipped over since there was nothing wrong with the transmission. Over the coming years, people have shown that seeing the transmission is pretty important. So in this video I will tear this transmission apart and get it cleaned up. In the next video, we will be putting the transmission back together.
  4. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 2 The Tear Down

    Ah yes, the inevitable part of every rebuild, the tear down. The time when you can look at individual parts and find out what is wrong with the truck you just purchased (in my case, borrowed) to see just how deep you are getting in to it.

    In this video, we do just that. We dive into each part group and we find some issues that I didn't think would be there. But they are and now the question is, where do we go from here...
  5. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 1 Introduction

    It has been a long time coming, but the 2.5 Rebuild Series is finally here! There are thousands of people out there with these trucks and they are always asking how to do "this" or how to do "that" and in this series, I'm hoping to answer all of those questions in detail. I love getting the questions and answering them and when I can turn them into a video series, it makes it even better.

    In this series, we are going to be going through a Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 that has, in the most literal...
  6. Ar7200bx How To Complete Initial Setup Guide

    Here is the complete setup guide for the AR7200BX.
  7. Runcam Split 2 Review W/ Flight Footage

    If you guys have read my thread on the RunCam Split Issues, you know that I had a horrible time with the micro sd card in this board. Once I figured out that I needed a UHS 3 card to run 1080/60, every issue I had with this camera went away.

    In the video below, I will show you not only the unboxing, but also the board on the FrankenQuad as well as some flight footage of this camera in action. And let me tell you, the video quality of this camera is top notch! For $80, this camera is well...
  8. Racerstar 2205 2600kv Brushless Motors

    These are the motors that I'm running on FrankenQuad, and they are absolutely fantastic. At first, I was worried because you can pick up 4 of them for $31.69, which is extremely cheap! But once I fired them up and flew them for the first time, my mind changed to LOVING these motors.

    As you all know, I have the DarkMax quad and on 4s, that thing is a MONSTER! I think these motors are right there with the DarkMax motors! I'm running these on 4s with 5045 props (instead of 5152's on the...
  9. Lisam Ls-210 210mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit

    On Sept. 22 2016 I received the GoolRC Quad and I loved the layout of the frame! Great amount of room for the flight controller stack, a dedicated place for a VTX and multiple mounting options for a camera! Because of some unfortunate actions taken by the company that shipped the GoolRC to me, I stopped promoting that quad, but I still loved the frame.

    Fast forward to today and I have another frame just like the one mentioned above. It is the Lisam LS-210 frame and it is exactly like the...
  10. Dx9 Stick Tension Adjustment How To

    I had a Subscriber on YouTube ask me how you adjust the stick tension on the DX9 and instead of just typing out a reply, I decided to make a quick little video on how to adjust your stick tension. Hope this helps someone out that was worried about tearing up their transmitter right after they purchased it lol.
  11. How To Glue Rc Car Truck Tires

    9116 Truggy - 9116 1/12 Scale 2WD 2.4G 4CH RC Monster Truck - RTR -$42.99 Online Shopping| GearBest.com

    If you guys remember when I did the review, my 3 complaints about this truck were the non oil filled shocks, which I replaced with oil filled shocks, the very tight and crunchy diff which I have since freed up and did a video on (click the "i" in the video) and the non foam filled tires. Today, we take care of the third issue!

    In this video, I show you how I glue up Rc car or truck...
  12. Complete Dfc Head Rebuild Tutorial

    600/700 Feathering Shaft Wrench - http://amzn.to/2CTtvfc
    450/500 Feathering Shaft Wrench - http://amzn.to/2CU5GUt

    It is time to get Murphy back up in the air. But before I would feel safe flying this helicopter, we need to go completely through him and clean and lube every part of this helicopter. If it needs cleaned, we are going to clean it, if it needs to be adjusted, we are going to adjust it!

    This series is all in thanks to Syndicate who suggested we do a complete Maintenance Series,...
  13. Safety First Lets Stop The Injuries

    Over the years, I keep hearing about someone getting injured in this hobby. It doesn't matter if they are working on or playing with a helicopter, airplane, car, truck, boat, hovercraft, I have heard of injuries from everything.

    Lets try to create a movement to motivate people to always remove their props, blades, pinions or tires, and lets make this hobby safe! No more people need to go to the hospital because of a hobby that they do for fun!
  14. Replacing Xt30 Connectors With Xt60 Connectors

    Tattu 650mah 4s Battery - TATTU 650mAh 14.8V 4S 75C Li-polymer Battery -$13.84 Online Shopping| GearBest.com
    XT60 Connectors - Special Design 10 Pairs XT60 Male + Female Bullet Connectors Plug for RC Lipo Battery -$6.57 Online Shopping| GearBest.com
    Soldering Holder Review - Qx Aluminum Alloy Multifunctional Soldering Station Xt60 Xt90 T Banana Plug

    I had the Furibee X140 sent to me, and I decided on the batteries by reading the questions at the bottom of the page. In one question, it was...
  15. ‚ö°cheap 12 Volt Power Supply For Dc Only Chargers

    Sometimes the most simple solutions are over looked. That is exactly what happened to me when I only needed to charge a single small battery. In this video, I show you my solution to this little issue!