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Articles from Tony

  1. 1 Rc-help.com Flight School

    Hello everyone, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Tony and I am the owner and founder of www.Rc-Help.com. I have been in the RC world since 1994 but I have only been flying for a couple years. During this time, I have tried to find every way I could to learn how to fly. I have joined forums, watched videos, and read articles. Nothing really worked 100%. There is a lot of bad information out there. It caused me to crash quite a bit. So, once I figured out how to fly, I decided...
  2. 10 First Spool-up

    Now it’s time to start practicing keeping that tail in one spot. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? This is not only the hardest thing that I had to learn about a helicopter, but it’s also one of the most important. Unlike an airplane, you have to use the rudder in order to control a helicopter. So, it’s only natural that you start out learning how to control that tail.

    With your helicopter sitting on the box with the X in it, slowly start so spool the helicopter up until you start to see...
  3. 1000 Watt Power Supply Build Guide Icharger 306b Ep Buddy Parallel Board Deans

    Credit for the content of this video goes to Gaba. I meant to mention this in the beginning of the video, but I was so tired at the time that I completely forgot. And after the video was done, I just decided to leave it as is rather than put a finished product in the beginning of the video. Again, Gaba is the one that got me to purchase these parts and build this kit.

    In this video, I show you how to modify and wire TWO HP server power supplies in series to gain 24 volts and over 1000w of...
  4. 11 First Real Hover

    You have gotten to where you can raise and lower the throttle and keep the tail pointed towards you. You can move the tail left and right and make it stop where you want it to stop. Great! Now it’s time to take your helicopter into the air for the first time. Set your helicopter on the box with the X and spool it up like you did in the first exercise, keeping the tail pointing towards you. This time raise the throttle until the helicopter starts to lift off the ground. Once you see it’s...
  5. 12 Side-in Hover

    If you are able to get your helicopter up into the air and hold a hover and move it around tail in, then you are doing great. It’s time to change it up a little bit. We are going to do a little side in hover. The thing to remember is when you push the stick forward, the heli is going to pitch the nose down to make it go forward in its orientation. If you are doing this with the nose facing your left, then forward on the cyclic will make the helicopter go left and right cyclic will make the...
  6. 13 Nose-in Hover

    This, in my opinion, is the hardest thing to learn how to do. You will want to practice this for a while on the sim before you try it on your helicopter. When you are hovering nose in, all of the controls on the cyclic are backwards. Forward will make the helicopter come towards you. Right cyclic will make it go to the left and so on. The best way I have found to learn nose in, is to move the cyclic in the direction the helicopter is moving. So, if you are trying to hover, and the heli is...
  7. 14 Figure 8's Slow

    If you have made it this far, you are doing great. It’s time for a little reward. Let’s get into some forward flight. Up until now, you have been going in straight lines and coming back to the home box. Now it’s time to make some fluid movements while you are flying around. We will start out going left and tail in to each of the boxes. If you want to go past your 10’ away box, you can move the box 20 or even 30’ away from the home box. Just make sure they are in line with each...
  8. 15 Higher & Faster Figure 8's

    Alright! Now you are officially an RC Helicopter pilot if you have gotten this far. You can fly a helicopter around and keep it in the air for a whole battery pack. So, what’s next? Your rotor blade has been flat this whole time. How about we get into some banked turns? Yeah, I thought that would get your blood pumping lol. It’s time to take the helicopter about 20’-30’ up and let her rip. You are not going to be going at full speed, but will going to be going fast enough to get the...
  9. 16 Congratulations

    If you have gotten this far, then a big congrats to you. You can now fly your helicopter just about any way you want. I have gone about as far as I can in this “How To Fly†series, but you will bet this will not be the last one. This series is all about the “n00b†we all started out as. Every single one of us had to start from square 1 and trying to learn how to hover. The more we flew and the more we pushed ourselves, the better we got. Now, no one I know is a 3D king, but we can...
  10. 2 Simulators

    Okay, you have your helicopter and you are ready to fly, but realize you don't know how the helicopter will react once you get it in the air or even on liftoff. The most stressful time of flying for me is the maiden flight. And when you don't know how to anticipate something going wrong on the first lift off, it will more than likely end up in a crash.

    So, you are asking, "Well isn't putting the heli in the air the best way to learn how to fly?" Well yes and no. Yes because it's "Real...
  11. 250 Quadcopter Complete Build Guide Cc3d Qav Blackout Clone

    The time has finally come, the build video is DONE! :yahoo:

    In this video, I show you everything from what parts you get, to the CC3D basic setup, to the maiden flights. Yes, I said "flightS", and you will have to watch to find out why!

    As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, post them below! We would love to hear your feedback.
  12. 250 Quadcopter Fpv Instillation Fatshark Immersionrc

    It only took 4 years, but I FINALLY did my first ever FPV flight! In this video, I install the 600mw 5.8Ghz VTX onto the 250 Quad as well as the FatShark camera. Sitting on my head is the FatShark Dominator V2's with the FatShark Module installed.

    If you have any questions about the setup or installation, post them up!
  13. 3 Setting Up Your Helicopter

    Okay, so you have practiced on the sim and think you are ready to go flying. Well, I would like to step back and do a couple things to your helicopter so that it will fly a little easier. If you panic and slam the stick down, it won't drop like a rock.

    The first thing you will want to do is change your pitch settings. In this write-up, I will use the DX6i as the example transmitter (Tx) as this is the Tx that I use myself. In the Tx, go into the pitch settings menu. You want to change...
  14. 3gx Firmware Downloads

    Here are the 4 most popular firmware versions for the Align 3GX Gyro. Right click, and select "Save Target As".

    Align 3GX V1.2

    Align 3GX V2.1

    Align 3GX V3.1

    Align 3GX V4.0

    Align 3GX V5.0
  15. 3gx Setup Guide Part 1 Mounting & Wiring

    In this video, i will show you how to mount your 3GX gyro as well as how to wire it up with or without a Rx attached to it. For you 6ch guys and gals out there, you MUST use the included wires with a 6ch Rx in order to make the rudder gain adjustment work. For you 7+ channel peeps, channel 7 is your rudder gain, and channel 5 is your Gov gain.