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Why We Have Ads And How To Remove Them


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I'm sure you all know why we have ads, but for those that don't, allow me to explain. Running a website is quite expensive especially when you take into account software costs, server costs, add on costs, and the hours you spend keeping it updated. All of this adds up to a lot of money every single month and pair that with a dedicated server and the cost really starts to go up! And for those asking, shared servers and VPS (Virtual Private Servers) just can't keep the site running anywhere near as fast as this site is running right now.

With all of that overhead, we are pretty much forced to put ads on the site to help cover these costs to keep the forum running. For those that don't know, there are two kinds of ads, you have the CPC and the CPM. CPC is Cost Per Click. This means every time you see an ad that interests you and you click on it, it gives us a small percentage of that ad rate, which varies widely. Then you have CPM which is a little confusing because that means Cost Per Mille, or every thousand views. Obviously the clicks will pay more, but just allowing them to be viewed (disabling ad blockers) helps out the site so we can keep it running.

Now there is another option. I woke up at 0500 this morning and I have been working on an Account Upgrade option so that you can not only help out Rc-Help and help keep the site up and running, but also, you can get rid of ALL of the ads on the site! As just stated, this is called the Account Upgrade and it can be found in your user CP (Control Panel) in the left hand sidebar (or you can click on the link below).


This upgrade is purchased through PayPal and when you upgrade your account, you are automatically put into the Rc-Help Supporters usergroup. Once this happens, all ads will stop showing, your permissions will be upgraded and you will be helping to keep this website up and running! The cost right now is only $5 a month and if we can get 20 people to subscribe, that is $100 a month that can go towards all of the fees mentioned above. If we can get more than that, then anything left over will go towards new videos, product reviews (the ones you ACTUALLY WANT!) and other site related items.

If you are interested in helping out Rc-Help, click on the link above and help support this great website. If you just want to make a donation without purchasing a subscription, you can do so at the link below. And know I am working on a Supporter ONLY section here on the forum. This will be a private forum that only supporters and staff will have access to.

Pay Rc-Help.com using PayPal.Me

Thank you all for being awesome members of Rc-Help! We are celebrating 6 years online in exactly one month from today and it wouldn't have been possible without members like YOU!

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