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Video Links Are Broke, I Know


Staff member
And I am working on it. I just found a program that can find some links and switch them over to what Xenforo can embed. I have already done all of the videos that are wrapped in the video tags, but the ones that are wrapped in the URL tags are still not done.

I have absolutely no idea how to write PCRE regular expressions, so I'm lost on this one. But I have reached out for help and hopefully I can get the code to find and replace all of the remaining videos that are only links right now. My goal is to take all videos on this site and have them embedded rather than a link that you have to click on.

Why would I rather have videos that can be watched here? because posting outside links that take members away from the site looks HORRIBLE to the search engines lol. So I want to keep outside links to a minimum and keep users active here on the site.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them up.

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