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FBL Gyro Vbar Neo And Mini Basic Setup And Tune

Discussion in 'Helicopters' started by murankar, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. murankar

    murankar Moderator Staff Member Armed Forces

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Eastlake, Ohio
    I pulled this tuning procedure from General Tweaking Order | VStabi. This is what Mikado recommends for the initial tuning of a Vbar or Neo.

    Some basic infos how tweak main rotor and tail rotor can also be used in the links.

    Best preconditions are:

    • blades (fold method) are at 0deg in setup (locked) position
    • Cyclic Ring set up as best in hover collective point
    • Tail throws set in useful ranges
    • paddle sim and pitch pump are zeroed
    • style is at 70...100
    • useful gear/kv/cell count setup for the target RPM

    Step 1 - Basic Gov settings:

    • Gov Gain to 0
    • Gov I to 0
    • Spoolup at zero collective
    • dial in basic throttle unless HS matches
    • go to a hover, dial in collective add unless HS will be kept under hover too
    • do a medium climb, check hs, possibly add some collective add again
    • set cyclic add to 1/3 of collective add
    • turn back gov gain and Integral

    Step 2 - Basic Tail together with Gov:

    • lower tail gain (e.g. to 40)
    • hover and do medium climbs
    • on a CW heli - if nose turns to left in the climbs - increase collective torque precomp in tail
    • if it stays approx. - the optimum has been found.
    • if it still turns although the precomp is e.g. at 60 - decrease (!) the collective add of the governor (tail is overloaded by too hard gov'ing)
    • set cyclic precomp to 1/3 of collective precomp

    Step 3 - Tail gain:

    • just increase ad needed to hold the tail. The VBars have a internal gain calculation depending on the flight situation to avoid oscillations - e.g. in fast flight.
    • If the tail holds well - not more gain needed

    Step 4 - Elevator Precomp:

    • lower main rotor gain to 30-40 (approx 1/2 of the usual recommended gain)
    • from a hover - start a climbout
    • watch the tail boom. If it hangs down first - increase the precomp

    All steps below can be done in different order:

    Step 5a - Trim flight

    • as the tail torque precomp changes the tail "center" - the TF will be done after the steps above to be perfect
    • perform the trim flight on a calm day
    • lift off, hover hands off for some seconds, repeat a few times
    • if a hands off pirouette stays in place - end trim flight

    Step 5b - Swash Optimizer:

    • dial in the target agility, this resets the cyclic optimizers!
    • do some constant rolls and flips in all 4 directions with approx. 50-70% of the stick throw.
    • lets say 5-10 each direction will be ok, turn the optimizer off

    Step 5c - Tail Optimizers:

    • do some pirouettes in each direction
    • also some stops (5 each side will be ok)
    • turn the optimizer off
    • if the stop is a bit softer on one side (due some physics) - increase the stop gain, see if it helps
    • if it won't help - lower the tail acceleration which gives a bit softer response but more equal behaviour (optional, lower down to 45 ans less, often used on weak scale tails with 30)

    Step 5d - Main Gain:

    • increase unless you won't notice changes anymore.
    • not critical - so it is possible to keep it at 80 on a usual helicopter

    Step 5e - the rest:

    • dial in Style as preferred (low = more smack, high = more precise)
    • same with paddle sim
    • and pitch pump (but - if using this - the tail will show up the limit again ...)

    And of course - to be perfect - most of this can be done for each bank.
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