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The Mysterious Disappearing Antenna Has Reappeared!!


Staff member
It was the first mystery in the new office. I was putting some things for a GPS away and had put 3 pieces into a box. A USB cable, a 12 volt adapter and a SiriusXM antenna. The antenna was the last thing to be put into the box. Because of the weight of the antenna, and me not having my hand under the box, it pushed the flap open and all 3 pieces fell straight down. I put the box on the table in front of me, reached down and started picking up the items that had fallen. I picked up the USB cable and the 12 volt adapter, but this antenna was no where to be found. I looked for quite a while, and nothing.

A few days later I decided to more the room around to make more room to work, and in this I had to move everything. I mean everything. And no antenna.... Until I started the live stream on the SE V2......


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