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Wanted: Spektrum DX6i (original or new DX6)


Staff member
Hey everyone, I'm in need of a DX6i and a DX6 for some ideas that I have in mind. If any of you have one that you are wanting to get rid of at a good price, please let me know.


Goblin 380 Supporter
Hey Tony, not sure how much your wanting to spend but thought Id mention I have a like new DX6 I was trying to get 150 bucks for. Its a gen2 without the duel diversity antenna. In the original box and all. If I could get 100 in my pocket Id be happy. I think it would fit in a large flat rate box for like 22 bucks.

Edit, Figures someone just bought it, I tired...lol


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I just gave a DX6i away, to a new club member. Had I known sooner that you needed it, I would have sent it to you.


Staff member
No worries, I would much rather someone that is going to use it grab it up. I'm just thinking about redoing some old videos. Better quality and more info.

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