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Saga Of The Rogue Continues

Discussion in 'RC-Help Lounge' started by murankar, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. murankar

    murankar Moderator Staff Member Armed Forces

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Eastlake, Ohio
    here is the reseant email I just sent to the uppder management team.

    Mr. Powers,

    Good morning and thank you for taking your tiime to read this email.

    At the end of April of this year I had the opportunity to meet your staff. At the time I was very pleased to have met them. The situation was not ideal but it was what it was.

    In April I was on my way home from the Fort Jackson area in South Carolina. I had just made the transition back onto 77 North whan my transmission gave out. I coasted up the exit in front of the Super 8. I had my vehicle towed to your facilty since it was within towing milage. Because my car was dropped off after hours on Friday April 20 I decided to get a hotel and a rental car to finish my journy home the next day. Saturday morning I was contacted by the service department in regards to damages and possible costs associated with the transmission. After the phone call I got my rental and stopped by the service department to get my final disposision before heading back to Cleveland Ohio.

    During my visit Shela and I discussed a few things in regard to the transmission and that there was a couple options to go and that she would not have the info until Monday. I was then informed that my rear breaks did not meet the Virginia safety regulations and that they should be replaced and that the fluid was in need of replacement. She also informed me that my front left CV joint was in need of service. I agreed to having the Break pads and rotors replaced and that I would get the CV joint fixed at home. After our meeting I got on the road to head home.

    During the next few days I spoke with a sales associate in regards to possibly getting a new car instead of fixing the Rogue. After those few days I discovered it was not a viable option so I went and gave the okay for the repaires.

    Once we neared the end of the repair I coordinated with the service department my pick up day and time. Once I got there I was informed that the emergency brake shoes were in need of servce/replacement. I declined the service because I did not have the time to wait. I was against the clock to get back home. I paid for the services rendered, I was informed of the warranties associated with the hardware, addressed my concerns, said my good byes and got on the road. I signed my recceipt on May 5th.

    Fastorward to Fathers Day weekend, June 17th. I was out with my kids camping and fishing. On the 16th I was heading to Wal-Mart to get some food for dinner when my car started shuttering really hard on excelleration. Once I got up to 20 or so miles an hour it would stop. So I decided to take it easy till Monday when my mechanic was at work. Durning the rest of the weekend and on Monday the shaking got worse and worse. Monday the 18th I had my mechanic look at the Rogue. We looked at the right side first and noticed the outter tie rod end was done and beyond its life and that I should not be driving with it in that condition. So we figured that was what was causing my problem. As a good meassure he looked at the left side, he said that it was going out and that it should be replaced but it wasnt a need at the moment.

    With my info collected I got home and went to Napa to get the outter tie rod. $65 dollars later and about 2 hours of work I got the car test drove. During the test drive the shuttering was still there. Took the car home and check all fasteners to ensure that wasnt an issue. I went and redrove the car and thats when the universal joint let go on the drive shaft (transmission end). I got the car home and thats where it sat for a week till I could look at it. I ended up removing the drive shaft after discovering the cost to get it fixed. I then went out and drove the car for a bit and discoverd a high frequncey vibration. After a few weeks of trying to narrow down the cause I decided on getting the wheel bearings replaced. On my way to Napa my breaks started grinding. I assumed the backs were new and that my fronts were going bad. I ordered both bearings, front pads and the left tie rod end.

    The weekend of July 28 I finally had the chance to get under the car to replace the bearings, tie rod end and the pads. Upon inspection of the front pads I noticed they were alomst brand new. I replaced them anyways just to ensure the pads were not failed or failing. After the job was done I drove to return the tools I had to borrow and found out the vibration was gone and things were on the up and up.

    July 29th I decided to drive out to Toledo which was a 130 mile one way trip. I figured all was good and that I was good to go. During my trip I discoverd the breaks were still grinding. That could only leave ther rear breaks. So on Monday July 30th I contacted the local Nissan dealership to schedual an inspection. Since the breaks were just installed i figured they were under warrenty and should be a zero cost deal, nope I had to pay $32 for the tech time. On Tuesday I find out my rear calipers are beyond their life and are in need of service. I told the service counter that was impossible I just had the breaks serviced. They informed to get intouch with Blueridge and settle this out and that the Service manager from Mentor Nissan would get intouch with me.

    Almost a week goes by and I have not heard from anyone. I called corporate Nissan and they basically tell me they cant do anything since the dealerships are privately owned. Great now I have to talk to Bluerdige myself.

    I finally get intouch with the serce manger with your dealership. I told him that I was upset and that i would try and stay calm about the whole deal. I explained everything to him. All he could tell me is that Blueridge is not going to honor the warrenty and that there is nothing the dealership is going to do. He also told me that he had talked to the owner and that was what was agreed upon. So I am stuck with 2 failed or failing calipers plus now I have to pay for new pads and rotors that I just paid for. I was also told that my safety and the safety of my kids was of no concern of the dealership.

    I am not asking for anything but working rear breaks and thats it. I have spent about $4000 in your service department. In return I get a told that its my problem not the dealerships. If you have a resolutiuon to this that both sides can agree upon please contact me. If not also let me know. I am not happy with the level of service at this point from Nissan as a whole. I am feeling like I am being brushed under the rug in hopes that I just go away. Sorry I am not that person.

    My contact number is 440-555-5555 and you have my email.
    My shift starts at 1400 so I wont be able to talk after 1400.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018

  2. Tony

    Tony Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 21, 2011
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    Might want to remove your phone number (and this post after the fact) from this post since it is a public forum. Nothing like spam calls lol.
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