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R/C Desk Pilot


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Reading through it only mentions the Microsoft Joystick, I'm off work today I'll have a play and and see what I can get working.

Works for basic controls with the Interlink from Futaba so think that it will work with any USB controller, still working on Flaps & Retracts, can't seem to map those channels.
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After having a good play can get the retract working, pity there are no planes with retracts. There are no helicopters. This appears to be a first release that probably has a lot of potential, but a long way to go the graphics are not realistic, its good for the price as they say you get what you pay for.


Well, it's a good start.

Yes, it is version 0.1.3

That is a ZERO at the front of the version number so it is very, very early in it's development.

Good On the developer though, he's got the ambition of making it a quality programme.

The author has the same aim as the free "Flight Gear" full sized aircraft flight simulator.

From what I have seen of it, it's a great effort so far.


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I have it loaded on my Google drive and all the addon planes and airport, anyone interested just pm me, I do have permission from the designer to host it.

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