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General Programming DX6i to AR631


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I am new to all this technology. I've been out of this hobby since the early 1970's. I bought a used DX6i and I can bind to a BNF Sport Cub S 2 easy enough but, to program AR631, that's in my FMS Cessna 182 1400mm, I'm lost. I tried reading the manual for the DX6i and really can't make any sense out of it. If the manual gave a flow chart list of what to do like the list in the HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2, I'd be able to program it and have SAFE and AS3X. Could someone please help me?


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Never mind. I had figured it out and got the plane programmed and bind DX6i to AR631. I can't program AS3X and SAFE because my DX6i doesn't do Forward Programming. Thanks anyway.


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Well... I'm not sure about Spectum's products or their AS3X gyro either ( I used Futaba and don't have gyros ).... so I didn't say or suggest anything but... I can mention what I've seen others post is that the radio side you only setup the settings to be used for flight... on the gyro, when it comes to programming I only recall them saying they did that with the help of a USB cable and a Windows computer and not through the radio. Since it was a subject I could easily have been wrong about, I'd hoped others that were familiar with those products would have popped in, I suspect they missed seeing your post or they would have said something.

I know there has been a lot of discussion about the AS3X... perhaps a forum search on setup or programming it ( excluding the DX6i ) would have pointed you in the same way ( assuming I'm recalling things correctly of course ).


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I gave a friend my old DX6i and it worked for a while and failed. Some of them had a recall to fix a glitch. I would buy a new one. My old DX7 can do some of the new SAFE functions. The newer TX will do them all. I love my DX9! It is so nice!

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