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Misc. Programing Electrics

order rule to programining electris

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once you have your heli is there a rule of thumb to programing all the electrics up. ie esc, binding rc, should I add a BEC, I have just moved from 450s to 500 upwards


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The need for a BEC depends on your setup. Most ESC's these days have good built in BEC, so no external BEC needed. But if you have a nitro heli or an ESC with no BEC then you will need an Rx power supply of some sort, battery and/or BEC.

As for programming, it depending on the type of Rx you use you may bind first, or you may bind during the FBL programming procedure. ESC programming would usually come last because you generally need a working throttle input from the FBL/Rx to setup the ESC.
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thank you, I have built my first goblin 570 KS edition 3 head, no esc, motor or servos brought yet unsure which ones to get, shops not really helpful by me, I was looking at the QUANTUM Brushless Heli Motor (4120- 1200KV) motor only for the fact I don't have to cut the shaft, not sure about fbl unit, servos or receiver, it will be programmed to a dx9, im not a hard shake it to bits flyer


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Quantum motors have been discontinued for a few years now, though they are a decent motor so worth considering if you can get a good deal on one. Cutting shafts is pretty easy so i wouldn't let that put you off.

As for the rest, if it were me I'd consider a Spirit Pro FBL, a SPM4651t receiver, KST servos and a Hobbying Platinum V4 ESC.. All give good performance without the 'high end' brand name price tag.


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Yes, Scorpion are nice motors. Xnova and Egodrift are options to look at, though Xnova aren't cheap.

I have a brand new sealed boxed Egodrift 4535 that would have potentially been ideal but at 60mm high it's probably a few mm too high for the 570, it might rub the canopy.
thank you for the info I think that motor is 4 mm to high from the speck sheet, I cannot get out anywhere with the lockdown so im building some kits I have, The price difference between the UK and what you can buy from the States is unbelievable, wish I had brought them when I was over there. its worth booking a holiday in the States and waiting you still are in pocket after the price of the flights
is there any reason why it cost more to build a 6s rather than a 12 s 3d hard flying, just seems it cost more for general flying than to build a hard core 3d flying machine.


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I built my 570 with a scorpion motor. The amount of motor shaft sticking out has no concern for me. Its so minimal that I said screw it nit worth the dremmal work. Depending on your flying style I would look at both 6s and 12s options. With yours being 3 blade you may want to opt for 12s, 2 3300 mah 6s packs. If you run 2 blade then I would consider 6s at 5500 mah.

The kit will beat up that 6s packs but I have heard of hard fliers doing just fine on 6s. Now you may get less cycles on your 6s pack vs a 12s pack. Something to think about. Its something I didn't consider till after my packs died. Now I have to front a lot more money. Sooner or later I will get a couple 12s packs built so I can fly gobby again.

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