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Newsletter Email Issues


Staff member
Hey everyone, I have had many emails about the last newsletter that went out Saturday morning at 0800 central time here in the USA. I am aware that every single one of the links, for some odd reason, are pointing to tonysvapes.com. I have been all over the back end of this site looking at all of the code in all of the templates, and I even had my server guru (linux god lol) look everywhere in the server and neither one of us have found anything that would cause this issue.

I did find that there was a database still on the server (which should in no way be connected to this site) which I have deleted. I have also put in some redirects to see if it will redirect from that site to this one. However at this time, all it is giving is a 404 error.

With all of that said though, after making the changes on the server I sent a test email to myself and all of the links are correct in that email. I am going to let it run this saturday as it normally would and if the links are still messed up, I'm going to start looking at other options and this one is going to be turned off.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone and I greatly appreciate those that emailed me to let me know of this issue. I am working on it and will get it resolved, even if that means never sending out another newsletter after this saturday.

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