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my new sd micro cam


Staff member
I have heard good and bad reviews on those. Good for the quality of video, and bad as you mentioned, the size, and where the lense is. But, if you can find a way to stick it into the fuse with the camera sticking out, it could work well. Can't wait to see some video.


I have the same chewing gum camera and it takes pretty good videos, I cam up with an easy mount for my walkera 180z and also use the same style mount on my exi 450.All I did was glue on a plastic barrel to the camera and use a carbon fiber rod from my training gear, drill 1/8 hole through the frame and slide it through both halves.Its tight enough that you can rotate it and it will stay in that position.

Ken Jackson

Active Member
Took good pictures for me too. Funny, they advertise it as a spy camera. You can clip it in your pocket but the recording light is up so high it sticks out of your pocket and everyone can see the light. Duhh!


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