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Moving Some Things Around


Staff member
I'm sure you have noticed, the Helicopter section is now at the top of the forum and the "Welcome To www.Rc-Help.com's Forum" now no longer exists. Under that title used to be this section (News & Announcements) as well as New Member Introduction, Article Discussion and so on. Those sections are still here, but are now under Misc. Topics. If you take a look at the breadcrumb bar above (just below the ad) you will see that we are now located in Articles>Forums>Misc. Topics>News & Announcements. Misc. Topics is the forum location we are now in.

The reason for this move is because there were a lot of threads being posted in the new member introduction section that should have been in other parts of the forum. I think those forum sections being at the top of the forum when you log in was adding to this issue. For that reason, we have moved all of those sections down to a lower part of the forum below all of the tech sections.

We have also now combined all of the Racing Multi-Rotor and FPV Multi-Rotor sections into the Quadcopter section. They are pretty much one in the same so might as well combine then and shorten the forum by two sections.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this new layout, let me know.

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