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Look what I found.


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Everything is PRATT & WHITNEY Company Awards,Accomplishments,Years of service.

Dad was General Forman of Experimental Dept. In East Hartford for 36 yrs.

He was involved in developing engines for the SR-71.

Trivial to most people likely but he was helping aviation history and couldn't say a thing because obvious security level.

Hope this is allowed, he's in hospital presently and may never come home.
Just wanted to honor him. Good man father husband.
Love ya.


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OH wow Yank. Make some sort of collage with those items to honor him :). Take it to him in person if you can to show him and put a smile on his face.

James M. Lewis

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Armed Forces
Yank1454, awesome find brother:hdbng:, now would like to share two things with you. First my grandparents were from East Hartford. Second because of my background in army helicopters, my last duty assignment was working on the army hovercraft while station at Fort Story, Va. Each one used (4) Pratt & Whitney engines and since hovercraft fly over the water, the speeds we reached were unheard of. All crew members were strapped in. Plus we carried up to 30 tons of cargo. So even though your father worked on the SR-71, his knowledge was felt by the engines we used. Please let him know we appreciate the excellent engine built that has served the military well:yahoo:

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