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Batteries Lipo Question


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Welcome and we need more info. What size motor and what craft is this for?


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The problem is we need to know the max amp draw of the motor. In a vacuum with the info you gave yes the esc will handle the battery as long as the esc can handle 4S voltage. if the current draw of your motor is under the rating of the esc you will be fine.


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It should run just fine. That plane is designed for a 4S battery so that's fine. The standard ESC is only 40A, so you have plenty of headroom with your 60A ESC. The standard battery is only 2200mAh, so your bigger battery might be a tight fit and will be a bit heavier, but unlikely to be a 'show stopper'.


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Wow, there is a severe lack of information on that motor. But as stated before, you should be fine as long as the esc can handle that battery. Just watch the overall weight as it can overload the plane and cause it to be a little unstable to fly.

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