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I got of those Eachines mini 400 RTF warbirds and was hooked.

I decided to get the 750mm P51D. RTF my a$$. The Gyro was over sensitive and the controller was DOA. My maiden flight was a disaster. The thing smash to pieces.

I refused to quit and Gorilla Glued it back to life. I wanted a radio master T16 but settled for a FS-i6X which came with a FS-iA6.

I wasn't ready to fly expert mode so got a Byme-A stabiliser. It's all installed but... Can someone please tell me how I program it in to the controller?


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I'm uncertain if anyone on this forum has used that specific airplane/gyro or not... Most airplane flyers these days practice on a Flight Sim ( strongly recommend before you try to fly ) before they attempt flying in real life. I know I don't use those and have only considered them to help in windy conditions....

Still... to try and help a little bit... here is the manual that should help you if you have any experience in RC ... https://newwezhanhkoss.oss-cn-hongk....26.pdf&response-content-type=application/pdf
The Volantex/Eachine/SonicRC 400mm mini warbird series are quite popular beginner aeroplanes ✈ here in England they are the gateway drug in to the hobby. They're all over YouTube. Radiolink Byme-A gyro is also well known. As is the Flysky FS-i6X. I have the manuals for both but they don't cover programming the switches. Would seem strange if no one on here had ever used them. Anyways nice to meet you but I need help from anyone who has programed a FS-i6X to switch the 3 gyro modes on the Byme-A gyro stabiliser in PPM/S-BUS.


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FYI ... if you quote someone's message... don't type within the quote tags... you respond outside of it.

I see my link has expired now also... speaking of odd I didn't know it was only a temporary link. Byme-A is a product of Radiolink and the link was found on their website if someone wants to download the manual mentioned. Radiolink's products do have a small amount of followers from what I gather here in the States but it really didn't "Take off" ( pun only sort of intended ). Products are often only regionally popular, this should not be surprise to anyone by now. What I see asked about in the States are Spectrums answers to that which includes both a receiver and gyro functions built into one unit. Flysky's radios are a little more popular but still a small segment of the market here so perhaps you'll find someone with experience on those at the least.


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I'm not going to edit my post... but I did just realize that it may have made it sound like that the users here are only from the States and that is by no means the case, we've got a lot of users from other areas around the world including the UK as just one other area as an example...

I also still wanted to provide access to the manual even though Smash Bros already has access... that way others that may have an interest will also have access to it. The following linked page is the online manual which also provides a download for the PDF that I had previous tried to post... Radiolink Electronic Limited - Byme-A Online Manual

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