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Dear Mr. Drug Dealer


Staff member
He could have been a hobbyist like us and trying to make sure his models are under 250 grams...... lmao

And I'm going to have to find out how to remove that friggin ad under your post. It doesn't always show, but that is hella annoying. Not sure why they are making these changes, but it sure has me chasing my tail over it...


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Goblin 380 Supporter
I found one my self walking the dog through the woods. Matter of fact scooter, my service dog found it with other usable items. All went in the garbage accept the scale. Works great for balancing my blades :).


Staff member
I have one of these little scales in my toolbox too. It does come in handy for blade balancing. I also use it to weigh powder charges when I do my reloading.


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You can also calibrate it using a 100g or 200g weight depending on which model you got. The one I got for work, also from Harbor Freight, I think is the same model as the one you are showing, if so it uses a 200g weight to calibrate with.

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