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Armed Forces Members, Come In Here!


Staff member
Not many people get respect from me like the Military personnel that fight for our country. For this reason I have created a new User Banner for those who have served.

At this time, I only have a banner for those who have served in the USA Military and has the USA flag on it. If you would like me to make one for your country, find me a flag image that is 120x19 pixels and I will make one for your country as well.

If you have served or are still serving, click on the link below and request to be put into the Armed Forces usergroup. This usergroup is moderated and it is required that you send me a PM and let me know when you served. I don't want just anyone in this group. I'm not asking for a copy of your DD214 or anything so don't worry about any personal information getting out lol.

Thank you to all who have served.


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