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A bit about me


New Member
I am returning to rc airplanes after at least a 20 year break. I live in Sioux Falls, SD in the summer and Apache Junction, AZ in the winter months. I need to relearn everything starting with batteries and foam planes. I am used of the stick build balsa and nitro methane engines. I feel like I am in Kindergarten again. Currently I have a Timber X night 1.2 and a Conscendo Advanced and 3 other balsa/nitro methane planes a friend gave me. I am using a Spektrum NX8 transmitter along with the smart charger and smart batteries since I know so little about this whole new concept.


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Welcome to the forum Returningrcr, plenty of returning flyers here, I returned after to RC after 15 years and recently to Control Line after 50 years.
It takes a little while but it all comes back and the new equipment is great.

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