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  1. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!! Update ;-)

    All in good fun :secret2:
  2. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!! Update ;-)

    All Boo-Boo hurts. It cost $$$$ to heal :frown::waa::lmao:
  3. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!! Update ;-)

    Parts are ordered. Hope to be flying this weekend :).
  4. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!! Update ;-)

    Randy is correct. Stay focus while flying. know your orientation too. Do what they said like Randy, Admiral ect... and don't do what I did this morning. I Lost orientation of the Heli and it was to late to recover :yikes:I wasn't going to post the pics but what the hell, We're all human and we...
  5. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!! Update ;-)

    Nice going Blade 400 :arms:I agree with Admiral breaking that mental block of crashing. Once you get pass that, you'll be fine. It's when you start to get cocky, when learning new maneuvers, the possibility of a crash will increased. Comes with having fun :).
  6. D.O.G.

    380/420 D-Day!!!

    First I hope your not charging batteries in the house without being present or even charging on your bed. Can't never be to careful. On a different note, just go out and have some fun. You got this and you'll do fine :). Got nothing to fear but fear it self and the new norm the world is going...
  7. D.O.G.

    For Sale: Shipping/Handling only

    Hey there Tony. Nah, I tried to change from For Sale to Sold but I can't change the remix.
  8. D.O.G.

    380/420 Intermediary Training Gear???

    You're done crawling Blade 400. It's time to walk JR. :emomad:
  9. D.O.G.

    Happy Fathers Day!

    I'm having a fantastic day but not sure if I'm a father or not? I have animals as family instead of kids and kids are animals so does that mean I'm a father? :scratchchin::lmao::scratchchin::lmao:
  10. D.O.G.

    trex 450 plus dfc rotor

    Jogging...Nah. I rather walk briskly lmao
  11. D.O.G.

    trex 450 plus dfc rotor

    I use to roll my shafts on a sheet of glass but now I stick it in a drill and give it the high speed test lol.
  12. D.O.G.

    trex 450 plus dfc rotor

    Silly question here but when was the last time you checked your tail shaft for straightness? Just wandering :scratchchin:
  13. D.O.G.

    First flight with my Fury 57

    It's always a pleasure to see you fly Geena :). I like that little booger. Looks like it would be fun to fly. Thanks for sharing Geena :).
  14. D.O.G.

    450 Tightness of Helicopter tail blades?

    Snugged but moveable :).
  15. D.O.G.

    450 Align 470LP Dominator kit

    :welcome1:Blade93. Something like this Spektrum RC DSMX Remote Satellite Receiver [SPM9745] | Airplanes
  16. D.O.G.

    trex 450 plus dfc rotor

    Yeah. There's a lot of places out of stock :(.
  17. D.O.G.

    trex 450 plus dfc rotor

    Here's one place to start Search for: 450 parts - AMain Hobbies
  18. D.O.G.

    450 ar7200 menu "n"

    No I'm not familiar with blade helis or what unit you have but the 130x sounds like the double sided tape on the FB unit is wore out. Try replacing it.
  19. D.O.G.

    450 ar7200 menu "n"

    Hey illhibilly. So your saying the red light is on the FBL unit but the swash doesn't stay at that 45 degree angle even if you change direction with the stick... correct? Try going through the set up straight to end again. Like a reboot. Once you if/do get going in the right direction, don't...
  20. D.O.G.

    380/420 trying to get back up with the times

    Right now I need to get the helis out and fly first. Hey URI. Glad to hear you like to get back into it :). I would get back on the horse first before breaking out the stallion lol.

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