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New Articles

  1. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 7 Front Stripped Differential Rebuild

    I knew there was something wrong with this diff as soon as I turned it in the teardown video. I have had this happen before so I went ahead and picked up a new kit to rebuild it.
  2. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 6 Rear Differential Rebuild

    This is an in depth video of the Rear Diff Rebuild so it is a little longer than my usual videos. Since the diff rebuilds were so long, I broke them up into two separate videos.
  3. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 5 How The Transmission Works

    When the T-Maxx launched around the turn of the century, the two speed with reverse transmission on a nitro powered truck was something that people had never seen. But because it had a smaller engine than it really needed, having those two speeds was quite nice. And being able to flip into reverse to back up from an obstacle was something previously only achievable by electric cars with a reversing ESC. This transmission changed the game for large monster trucks and in this video, I show...
  4. Traxxas T-maxx 2.5 | Part 4 Transmission Assembly Full

    In the last video, we tore down this transmission and cleaned up the case. In this video, we are going to be putting this transmission back together. I'm not just talking about taking the gear sets and putting them back in, I'm talking about taking a completely torn apart transmission, gear sets and all and putting EVERYTHING back together. Once we are done with that, we will put them in the case and close it up. Don't freak out that I didn't use grease in this transmission. I didn't have...