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Runcam Split 2 Review W/ Flight Footage

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  1. Tony
    If you guys have read my thread on the RunCam Split Issues, you know that I had a horrible time with the micro sd card in this board. Once I figured out that I needed a UHS 3 card to run 1080/60, every issue I had with this camera went away.

    In the video below, I will show you not only the unboxing, but also the board on the FrankenQuad as well as some flight footage of this camera in action. And let me tell you, the video quality of this camera is top notch! For $80, this camera is well worth every penny. If you want to get one of these for yourself, click on the link below. I promise, as long as you have a good SD card for it, you will LOVE it!

    RunCam Split 2 FOV 130 Degree 1080P/60fps HD Recording Plus WDR FPV Camera NTSC/PAL Switchable

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