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Setting Up

If you want to make your life just a little bit easier, use a servo tester to center your servos before you install them into your helicopter. On the Goblin 380, you can't get the arms off once you install them into the helicopter. You can do this with the gyro, but doing it this way is just a little faster IMO and helps save some time in the setup process. Products Used In This Video BK DS3002HV Servos [URL]https://amzn.to/2P70DqP[/URL] Servo Tester US$5.99 EK2-0907 Updated Servo Tester Server...
Since the digital pitch gauges have come out, I have noticed that some are having issues getting the pitch correctly setup on their helicopter. In this video, I show you how to properly calibrate and use a digital pitch gauge. Please post any questions, comments and/or suggestions in the comments below. [MEDIA=youtube]S3Z3VudHO68[/MEDIA]
When you are building your helicopter, you take the time to install all of the servos correctly, make sure the shafts are perfect, but some over look at just how important it is to set the proper gear mesh. If you set the mesh too loose, you run the risk of stripping the gears. If you set the mesh too tight, then not only will you put unneeded stress on the motor, battery and ESC, but also the risk of overheating and melting the main gear. Some say that you can use a piece of paper...
Hello everyone, The flybar head setup video is finally here. In this video, I to into more depth on the head than I do in any other video I have made. From adjusting the swash mix, to adjusting the links on the head, to leveling the swash, it's all covered in this video. If you have any questions, post them below. This is a pretty long video, but it's worthwhile if you are just starting out.
I get 100's of people telling me there heli spun like crazy when they tried to take off. Well with this quick check video, that should never happen again.
The Align DFC helicopter has gained popularity in the last year and with that comes the need to point out some things that are easily over looked. 1. Don't forget to take the head completely apart, including the arms off the grips and remove all oil that may be on the head. And let me tell you, Align uses a LOT of oil on these parts. this also includes the feathering shaft, most importantly, the threads IN the feathering shaft. This goes for ALL heads. 2. Threading the plastic link...
You can view the page at [URL="http://www.rc-help.com/content.php/339-HOW-TO-Setup-helicopter-FBL-head-Align-3GX-Spektrum-by-Marius-S"]How-to Setup Helicopter Fbl Head - Align 3gx / Spektrum - By Marius S[/URL]
I have written this many times in different threads but it always gets buried in the posts and is very hard to find. It's also one of the most asked questions here on RCH. So I thought I would do a dedicated STICKY to explain exactly how to setup correct blade pitch on a CCPM helicopter. YOU WILL NEED A PITCH GAUGE! If you don't have a pitch gauge, GET ONE! It's a MUST HAVE tool for any CCPM Helicopter owner First and foremost you must set your Tx up correctly. Go into your pitch...