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If you have listened to RCHN towards the end then you know Justin Pucci has been working on such a thing for almost 4 years now. He has never posted the Tech tip due to the nature of the topic. This project if done wrong can be very dangerous. As of late I have been want to work with my 2 arduinos that I have. I posses 1 Uno and 1 leonardo. This project is being built on the Uno for now. I will need the Mega at some point for the analog pins. My issue with the Uno right now is that it...
For four years, I have been using a Dynamite Ultra Duo battery charger to keep my machines flying. The Dynamite charger has been a wonderful piece of equipment, but it recently gave up and needed to be replaced. Instead of buying another Ultra Duo, I decided to get with the program, and build a real charging case. The project started with a Plano brand handgun case from Walmart, which is very similar to the more expensive pelican cases. They are high quality cases and I use them for...
After almost a year of planning my solar rig is built and functional. Lets start at the begining with the planning,. I originally started off with a deep cycle battery from Home Depot for boats. After further research what I needed was a golf cart battery.
Here is the product review on the little OCDAY 180w, 16A charger that was sent to me Bsyexcellent over at Amazon. Click on the link in the description of the video to purchase this charger.
One of the most requested videos I have been asked for is "how do I parallel charge batteries". Well, the time has finally come and the video is here! Ever since we posted the video showing us charging 9 3s batteries at 30 amps, people have asked how we could do that at such a high amp rating. And the secret is, they were all in parallel with each other. When you wire batteries in parallel, you are doubling the capacity, but the voltage is staying the same. You are also doubling the...