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Align 450 Pro V2 3GX Build Series

In this video we finally get the Align Pro v2 3GX into the air for the first time. This is not what I would call a "Maiden Flight", but it is the first time it will see air. The first takeoff was not as planned and got a little rough. But thanks to the quality of Align products, the tail gears held together and I was able to fly again. Pretty much what we decided to do here is a video on setting up the gyro gains. Unfortunately, even though I have turned the pots all the way up, I...
In this video I go through what I do to set the pitch up on this helicopter. Being flybarless and only having two links to the grips and 3 links to the swash to adjust, it's a very fast setup. Much easier than a flybar head. Enjoy. [MEDIA=youtube]thUQc9jSQBc[/MEDIA]
In this video we finally get things turned on and get some settings in the gyro to get the heli in the air. In future videos I will do a more specific setup guide on advanced settings on the 3GX gyro. But these settings will get you into the air. [MEDIA=youtube]2fc_QUbbS-I[/MEDIA]
In this video, I show you exactly how to install the motor and how to set the proper gear mesh. A proper gear mesh is critical in a great running helicopter. Follow what I show in this video, and you will have a perfect mesh every time. We also go through where I installed the ESC, mounting the tail servo and getting everything ready for the wires to be run and setting up the gyro. Enjoy! [MEDIA=youtube]87TLjorbER8[/MEDIA]
In this video I go through the steps on installing the main gear, main shaft into the gear, skids and the tail boom finally makes it's way to the main body of the heli. It's starting to look like a helicopter now!
Here is Part 4, Assembling the tail of the Align 450 Pro V2 3GX. This is a Torque Tube (TT) tail, so assembly is very easy. No need to fish a belt through the tail and make sure it's not kinked or twisted, just plug in the shaft and go. You do want to make sure to check every bolt on this tail however. Every one of them on the tail was loose and needing thread lock. This is a good thing since you can make sure it's done correctly. The Horizontal Stab in this step is put on with very...
We are finally to the part where we get to put the frame together. This is pretty easy, but as you will see in later videos, you must test the fit of the main bearing blocks. My main shaft was so tight that without any shims, the auto gear was not wanting to turn. I had to force the top block down, and the bottom block up just to get the head to spin free. Do this BEFORE you thread lock those blocks in place or you will play hell getting the screws out. Everything in this video is pretty...
In this video, we finally get to building the head on the Align 450 Pro V2. The head will come mostly assembled but you will have to take every screw out of it and put some thread lock on it. The main shaft and feathering shaft are as straight as an arrow, the bearings are the smoothest you can get and the overall quality of the materials are outstanding! Follow along with this build as I get the videos uploaded. I can assure you there will be a lot of fun had with this little guy!
Ever since I got into this hobby, I have wanted an Align helicopter. I figrued I would end up with the oldest model and quite possibly a used one. Well I had the good fortune (and a good wife) that allowed me to get the latest and greatest in the Align arsenal. The Align T-Rex 450 Pro V2 3GX Super Combo! Finally there will be no more worrying about bleeding when something comes flying off a clone and hitting me. No more worrying about a bearing locking up and crashing the helicopter. No...