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Articles from Tony

  1. Xfx Trex 450 Super Combo Maiden Flight Cheapest 450 Helicopter

    The Maiden Flight of the XFX 450! I was very reluctant in putting this thing in the air, but in this video, I do just that. But not without issues. So there will definitely be more videos of this helicopter.
    SJCAM SJ5000X Elite - SJcam SJ5000X WIFI ELITE S ONY IMX078 GYRO 4K24 2K 2.0 Inch LCD Action Camera Novatek

    Helicopter Combo - XFX Trex 450 V2 6CH RC Helicopter Super Combo

    Emax Servos x1 - EMAX ES09MD Digital Swash Servo For 450 Helicopter With Metal Gear

    Emax Servos x2 - 2PCS EMAX...
  2. Furibee Darkmax Betaflight Setup

    Betaflight Setup has to be the easiest setup you can do on a quad. Unless of course you really dive into it. In this video, I go through what I have done in setting this DarkMax quad up. I had some video issues and had to piece this together over about 3 days just to make a video. If enough request it, I will make a new video going in depth on the complete setup of the quad. Just let me know.
  3. Xfx Trex 450 Super Combo Setup Overview Cheapest 450 Helicopter

    This is just an overview of what I have already shown in the past on how to setup a flybar helicopter from scratch. I have already replaced the servos due to one of them being stripped out, and I have attached the gyro, Rx and battery to the helicopter as well as I put on the main blades so that I can set the blade pitch.
    All links to products in the video as well as the head setup video I have already done are linked below.

    Helicopter Combo - XFX Trex 450 V2 6CH RC Helicopter Super Combo...
  4. Qx110 Outdoor Flight Fpv & Final Thoughts

    If this quad had a few things done to it, it would be a fantastic quad. But as it sits, it has a HUGE room from improvement! In this video, I show you the first outdoor FPV flight, what went wrong, and the Pro's and Con's of this quadcopter, the QX 110...
  5. Installing Runcam Swift Into Goolrc 210mm Racing Quad

    Installing the RunCam Swift was a nice surprise on this quad. The holes in the front plate are made to hold this camera. So it fits in the front of this quad quite nicely.

    RunCam Swift - RunCam Swift 2 1/3 CCD 600TVL PAL Micro Camera IR Blocked FOV 130/150/165 Degree 2.5mm/2.3mm/2.1mm w/ OSD MIC
  6. 9116 12th Scale Truggy Diff Rebuild

    The single worst thing about this truck is the horribly tight diff. I have 3 of these trucks now and every single one of them had a diff that would almost break the plastic dog bones if you tried to spin it. In this video I show you exactly how to go into the diff and free that sucker up! This will give you much more traction in the turns and an all around better bashing experience.
    If you would like to pick this truck up, click on the link below.
    9116 1 / 12 Scale 2WD 2.4G 4 Channel RC...
  7. Furibee Darkmax Quadcopter Unboxing

    What's In The Box??? In this video I show you exactly what is in the box. Spoiler alert, it's one of the fastest quads you can purchase PNP!!!
  8. How To Make Servo Extensions Properly

    This video has been a long time coming but with the wind up today and not being able to fly, I figured I would get this video out there. Making servo extensions is an investment in the hobby thanks to the crimper and the bulk wire you need, but in my opinion, it is well worth is. How many times have you ordered a 6" extension, and only needed 4", but no one sold that length? That is exactly why I invested in my crimpers.

    If you are looking for that perfect wire management job on your...
  9. Xfx Trex 450 V2 6ch Rc Helicopter Super Combo

    A $60 "Super Combo" 450 helicopter? Is it worth actually purchasing? That is what this series is all about. This was the absolute cheapest helicopter kit that I would find. In this series, I will go through what this helicopter needs to get in the air and most importantly, make it SAFE!!! Because out of the box (spoiler alert), it is one of the most unsafe helicopters I have ever seen!

    Click the links below if you want to check these items out and help us out buy purchasing any of them....
  10. Eachine E56 Selfie Drone Review & Maiden Flight

    When I was first approached about this quad, I initially turned it down, but then something hit me that I thought might be good for some people with this quad and because of that, I decided to go ahead and allow them to send it to me and make this video.

    This is the Eachine E56 Pocket Quad otherwise known (as they call it), a "Selfie Drone" from Banggood.
  11. Odrvm Action Camera Review Sj7000 Go Pro Clone

    This little action camera from ODRVM is not bad for the price. 1080 videos at 30 frames per second with the option of 720 at 60 frames. The menu system is very familiar since it is using the SJ7000 camera firmware. But whatever you do, do NOT try to update this camera. You will brick it.

    Get this camera by clicking this link - Amazon.com : WIFI Action Camera Waterproof 2.0-Inch Diving 30M 170 Degree Wide Angle Underwater Camera With 2PCS Battery for Biking, Racing, Skiing, Motocross And...
  12. Goblin Build Pt 6 Installing The Canopy & Blades #keeprchelisalive

    Installing a canopy is simple, right? WRONG! Not when you move up to a Goblin. The canopy shipps with a 2mm hole already drilled into the canopy. It is up to YOU to ream that hole out to fit the 10mm (1CM for those in america lol) so that you can fit the grommets in it. Yea, I will not be doing this again. Want to know why, just watch the video.

    Oh, and I put the main and tail blades on as well. So there's that lol.

    Want to help out Rc-Help FOR FREE? Change your Amazon bookmark to the...
  13. Goblin Build Pt 5 Installing The Tail Onto The Frame Belt Tension #keeprchelisalive

    It's time to add some color to this SAB Goblin 380 Helicopter! We are going to put the tail onto the frame, but not before we install the tail block onto the tail boom. I also show you how to easily install the backing blocks and get the holes lined up so you are not banging your head against the wall when they are misaligned.

    I also show you how I adjust the tail belt tension. After I fly it once or twice, I will be readjusting the belt since they are going to stretch just slightly. Stay...
  14. Goblin Build Pt 4 Tail Block Assembly #keeprchelisalive

    The tail is one of the key features of the SAB Goblin Helicopter. No torque tubes here, we are running a belt on this little guy. And here is where I encounter my first issue with this kit!

    In this video, I show you exactly how to assemble the rear tail block including putting together the tail blade grips with the thrust bearings, put all of it onto the tail shaft and spindle and put the vertical tail fin on.

    Want to help out Rc-Help FOR FREE? Change your Amazon bookmark to the link below...
  15. Goblin Build Pt 3 Head & Swash Build #keeprchelisalive

    The head on the Goblin 380 does come preassembled, but you MUST take it apart, clean all of the oil off of it and thread lock everything in place. If you are running high head speed or flying 3D, you will want to put the shims in the head which are NOT installed but are included.

    In this video, I will show you how to completely take the head apart, clean everything up, thread lock everything and finally get the head mounted to the main shaft and install the top plate assembly into the...