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Articles from murankar

  1. Reflecting On My Hobby Part 4: Final Decision

    I have taken a small seat back to the hobby to figure some things out. I finally decided that I need to go small if I am to keep flying. At least for the next season anyways. As we all know the RC hobby is an expensive hobby. HOw expensive it can get is based on us and what we want. Its very easy to get tied up in to the hubb bubb of the hobby. Unfortunately I think I did over the last 3 years. I don’t regret it one bit I love all the stuff I have. I did not skimp on much, I did not...
  2. Reflecting On My Hobby Part 3: Airframes

    Over the last two weeks I have been looking at my hobby and seeing if anything needs to change. This week I am looking at what it is I fly. Before that let’s dig deeper into the why. Over time we get deeper and deeper into a hobby and we don’t realize just how deep into we are. The we begin to fall away from it just to come back to it. That’s what hobbies do they have their own cyclic nature to them as our lives develop or as events happen. So let’s take a look at what I am think about...
  3. Reflecting On My Hobby Part 2: Controllers

    I am not dropping the hobby just assessing what it is I need to continue my enjoyment with it. My 570 is the bomb and will not give it up unless SAB discontinues the model. So to put the question to rest as of right now the 570 is not going up for sale. Nor is the rest of my stuff except the X3. Provided a fair offer is made. Due to the nature of my radio situation I don’t have much to talk about I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Over the last 2 years or so my life has changed...
  4. Reflecting On My Hobby: Part 1 Simulators

    As of late I has been thinking about what is my hobby about and how it relates to the 99%. I am not a pro or and intermediate, I am a weekend warrior that flies basically on the weekends when I have time. This last year has been a really rough year for me and now that things are looking up I am considering on changing things up for my hobby. I am going to be looking at a lot of things over the next few weeks and starting to make some huge changes I think. My goal is to finally be able to...
  5. Discharger: Load Bank

    Finally making some progress on this project. What I have learned is that you really need to know what your trying to achieve with discharging.

    Mistake 1: I initially thought I was going to do a 40 amp load bank. My wallet, my packs and my knowledge on this topic said "Not so much".

    Mistake 2: I tried to design a case out of lexan. After doing a test run with my Chargery 1500 power supply told me again "Not so much". You will need a bunch of cooling and the heat I was putting out...
  6. Building The Load Bank

    need to update this when I get home. More to come.

    As of right now the load bank is built and almost completely wired. Again i will be doing a in depth write up of today's progress.
  7. Discharger Update 02

    Last night I ordered the power resistors for the discharge bank. Now lets get into what I got and why i think its going to work?

    Up front I want to say is sorry for the delay in this part. Things are still not ideal but are getting better. Its going to take some time for this project. Lots of reasons why, one money, times are getting better but still not ideal as stated earlier, two: Voltage + Amps + Watts = FIRE if your not careful along with $160 USD of bad batteries; so no reason to...
  8. Discharger, With A Microcontroller (arduino)

    If you have listened to RCHN towards the end then you know Justin Pucci has been working on such a thing for almost 4 years now. He has never posted the Tech tip due to the nature of the topic. This project if done wrong can be very dangerous. As of late I have been want to work with my 2 arduinos that I have. I posses 1 Uno and 1 leonardo. This project is being built on the Uno for now. I will need the Mega at some point for the analog pins. My issue with the Uno right now is that it...
  9. Solar Charging For The Rc Hobby

    After almost a year of planning my solar rig is built and functional. Lets start at the begining with the planning,. I originally started off with a deep cycle battery from Home Depot for boats. After further research what I needed was a golf cart battery.
  10. Ms. Heli Protos Mini