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Articles from coolgabsi

  1. 1000w Power Supply Using 2 Dps-600pb, Affordable, Dependable, Powerful!!

    OK so here is why I didn’t do this earlier < INSERT EXCUSE HERE> :p heehee

    So.. Here is the mod for making DPS-600PB into a very reliable , compact and powerful power supply, for a fraction of the price of what you find in the market for the same (/similar) specs and reliability.

    Each power supply is rated at 12V 47A ~~575W .

    I was looking for getting 24V out, so I could hook a good size charger to it and charge a lot of my small, or few Big batteries all together. So I connected...
  2. Hobbico Nexstar Mini Ep (rx-r)

    Bought fromTowerHobbies ($189 with membership (free shipping) ) and 199 for without membership and (paid shipping)

    Specifications (taken straight from Towerhobbies.com)

    Wingspan: 44" (1120mm)
    Wing Area: 296 sq in (19.1 sq dm)
    Length: 36.5" (925mm)
    Weight: 25 - 28 oz (710 - 790 g)
    Covering: Top Flite MonoKote
    Landing Gear: Main, composite plastic construction, nose, 0.08" (2mm) diameter steel wire...
  3. How To Look Up Servo Frequency And Center Position Wavelengths

    We get asked this question a lot . What is the center frequency of such and so servo.

    Not just helis but plane guys and quad guys need that info cause its a part of programming your gyro
    So here is a very simple and extremely reliable way


    Even if you aren't using beastx ... That's ok... Servo specs don't change gyro to gyro.

    Just go to this website and select version (highest) .. Right now it's 3.0

    Then select language

    And it'll...
  4. A Trick To Have Quick Install And Remove Canopy Standoffs!!

    So .. This applies to helis that have TWO points (atleast) of mounting the canopy on the frame.. So like the 600 size.. front and back canopy standoffs.

    In my 600 and 700 birds, I have a real issue sometiimes getting my front canopy grommets to align to the standoffs and getting it in there snug just is a pain.. Takes a while as the canopies are BIG and u have to manuever around. I always use screw in type or RC booya type canopy mounts anywaz..

    While my Whiplash has a RC booya on...
  5. How To Make A Flat Spot On A Scorpion Motor Shaft

    I have noticed some scorpion motors don't come with a flat spot on their shafts. Some do, but some don't. Could be true with any other motor too. So... It's recommended if you are gonna run any kind of pinion or like setup , you should have a flat spot so it won't move around.

    Building my whiplash, I came across this shaft , which from stock didn't have a flat spot.. (Scorpion motor shafts of different lengths are used for different birds, align needed 100mm, whiplash needs 6-7 mm...