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  • Dynam E-Razor & Spektrum DX6i Full Setup Guide

    Hello everyone, I thought that I would make a video, that from start to finish, explains what you need to do in order to get a heli up in the air.

    In this video, I started with my Dynam E-Razor 450 RTF with the FM radio. It's just me, but I don't like FM, but it was the only thing they had at the time when I purchased this heli. So, what better platform to test this on, right?

    I started with taking the old Rx out of the heli, and plugging in all of the servos into the new Rx. In the video I also explain how to bind the DX6i, and how to setup all of the servos so that you get the proper pitch and throw out of the blades.

    I also go through other setups like the throttle and pitch curves that I use, and D/R and Expo settings as well. In the end of the video, after all the other setup is done, I take it outside, and setup the gyro and tail. After just a few flights, this thing is rock solid. One thing that I overlooked, but noticed after shooting the video is the servo arm on the elevator servo. The ball is closer to teh center of the servo than the other two servos. This caused it to not have as much travel, and was the reason it wanted to pitch forward with the more throttle I gave it. This was just an oversite on my part, but has now been fixed.

    I decided that instead of breaking this up into multiple videos, I would just to this in one video and call it done. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing your comments.

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    1. Graham Jones's Avatar
      Graham Jones -
      Hi Tony, have been following your guide to put a Spectrum AR6210 onto a Century Razor 400 which I purchased 2nd hand without an rx, the seller said he wished to use his rx on another aircraft. I am using the Dx6i tx. I have treated the front servo as the elevator and the side servos as ailerons. When I power up the swash plate moves diagonaly and noting is as it should be,=. If I re wire the front servo to the aux socket the swash plate responds up and down, down being the direction that gives lift. The left stick is then functioning correctly, however, no matter what I do with the servos the right stick works the wrong way around. up and down 12/6 on the clock creates roll left and right. Sideways movement 9/3 creates forward backward pitch. Any ideas on what is wrong? I have tried changing the swash settings from + to - but without any effect on the above. I am new to cp having bought this one to move up from the Blade 120sr.Graham Jonesgrahamjones59@yahoo.co.uk

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    1. turbo's Avatar
      turbo -
      Hi Tony l am trying to doing what you have just done with my E-razor 450. but with a Futaba T10 CHP l have a 7 ch R617FS receiver , l can get everything to work but the motor will not spin up unless l plug it first in to the battery port on the receiver then in to the throttle ch 3 then it will spin but on its own no control over it. the transmitter that it came with has a gear switch you need to toggle to get the motor to start not sure what to do, could you please help please. by the way love the work in the vid on this subject. thanks so much Tony
    1. turbo's Avatar
      turbo -
      Th tanks so much Tony, its real help when what you have done is on vid and explanation by voice keep up the good work
    1. danny's Avatar
      danny -
      thank you tony this was the video i was looking for ..............again thank you
    1. Tony's Avatar
      Tony -
      Its my pleasure danny. Let us know of there is anything else we can help with.
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